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Fer Bozzoletti

Grateful for having the privilege of doing what I like for a living,and even luckier for being able to combine it with other personal passions.

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Places to visit at least once in a lifetime.


After more than 15 years in advertising agencies, a startup challenge brought me to South Korea for just six months, and it became a life-changer experience. I realized how many things take place around us everyday, many of which we completely overlook while sitting at a desk from 9 to 7. Since then, I’ve been travelling the world while working on different projects at the same time.

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Work for brands

To work as a strategist for any brand or agency is being a bit of a ghost thinker.

There are different approaches to working as a ghost thinker: as a business or brand strategist for clients; as part of an agency team, presenting to the client; or collaborating behind the scenes with an agency for any project they may be dealing with at a given time.

Brand Positioning, campaign strategies, Users experience platforms, Go-To-market strategies, or just a competitive landscape to identify problems & solutions for a category.

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Own and third-party startups going to market.

Working in advertising gets you close to many fields, yet always from behind the ‘safety’ of a desk. 8 years ago I found myself getting into the startup field, switching from market-places to sport medicine, from drone-content to freelancer platforms. Startups can make you feel alive and outside the comfort zone at the same time, opening your mind to a wide range of areas, putting the user in the very first place, and challenging you every single minute of it.

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Food for thought

Becoming a freelancer allowed me to re-discover and reinterpret the concept of time. Of course a pandemic and global lock-down made me think a lot more of time, space and freedom we usually take for granted.

By living this new conception of time I had the opportunity to read, watch and listen to an extraordinarily vast variety of inspiring pieces of art. Here are the ones I liked the most.

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